Welcome to Chumship! I'm Holly, the character behind the brand and I'm so glad that you decided to pop by. Here - take a seat and once you're sitting comfortably, let's delve into what Chumship is all about. 


Chumship is a curated online platform of lifestyle products sourced from artists, independent brands and the past. 

Home to all the bold colours, an illustrative style and an online community of like-minded creatives who have a passion for indie and vintage - this shop is more than just a pretty face. Here in my shop you'll find everything from greetings card to accessories and vintage collectibles to stationary and I hope you find everything you are looking for and more!  

Have a question for me or just fancy a good old chinwag? Get in touch by visiting our Contact Page or social media channels @chumshipshop, I love to hear from our chums!