Hiccups Zine


Image of Hiccups Zine Image of Hiccups Zine Image of Hiccups Zine

Description: Here's a universal self-help guide to getting rid of those pesky hiccups. This zine is a bundle of fun, illustrated by Alex Higlett and with hidden details of the world record for longest time hiccupping! 

Dimensions: A7 (approx), a folded A4 sheet.

Maker: Founded in 2012 by Alexandra Higlett + Georgina Hounsome, Pirrip Press are a small illustration, design + print studio. They work on a variety of projects, both big and small, and each also work independently as illustrators + designers. 

Pirrip Press like to tell stories, and know that things have more authenticity if there’s research, thought and a narrative of some kind behind them. So there’s always a tale woven in to what they do.